Play, Listen, Teach, Learn


Tualatin Valley Playing Class is now titled “Play, Listen, Teach, Learn” or “PLTL.”

PLTL will meet on these dates – 4th Friday from 10:00 to 11:30 a.m.

Sept. 27, 2019             Lilin Chen's studio: Memorization, Repertoire

Oct. 25, 2019               Myrna Satiawan's studio: How to Practice, Repertoire

Nov. 2019                    none

Dec. ?, 2019                 Retirement Center, Performance, TBA

Jan. 31, 2020                Kaori Noland’s studio: Relaxation, Repertoire

Feb. 28, 2020               Dianne Davies’ studio: Sight-reading, Repertoire

March 13, 2019           Calvin Presbyterian Church: After the business meeting

                                       teachers perform for each other.

April 15, 2020              Old Church. Performance in Noon Concert  CANCELLED

Chair: Lilin Chen,

PLTL is a format where music is played by attendees. The group actively listens, then offers feedback. The idea is that all of us learn something, whether we have performance in mind or not, and expand our teaching.

The topics are for brainstorming by everyone. Bring your questions and concerns, including relevant examples.

Every session: worthwhile repertoire by lesser-known composers and lesser-known repertoire by well-known composers, plus pieces that your students are playing. Bring a piece to share with PLTL, whether memorized or in process.

Please let Lilin know, preferably by three days before the class, that you are coming to a class, including whether you have a piece to play and what the piece is. Also let her know which piece you would like to suggest for the discussion. Lilin will then send the names of these pieces to all participants.

To be held, the class requires a minimum attendance of four people (who don’t all have to play repertoire).