Why Study With an OMTA Teacher

OMTA members are private studio teachers and college music faculty. They represent a wide variety of teaching styles and approaches, and all share a commitment to quality music education.

OMTA teachers offer their students extraordinary benefits provided by OMTA. For example, performance opportunities abound, ranging from studio recitals and local events to statewide festivals, and state, regional, and national competitions. 

Additional benefits include Syllabus – our popular, optional graded curriculum; a large number of Scholarships, and for those who need some financial assistance, the MusicLink program.

Here are some specific questions that you may want to ask during an interview with a prospective teacher:

  1. What is your training and what teaching experience do you have?
  2. What are your goals as a teacher?
  3. What is your studio policy with regard to fees, cancellations, and make-up lessons? What other policies should I know about?
  4. What strategies do you use to motivate students?
  5. What styles of music do you teach? Classical? Jazz? Popular?
  6. Do you provide performance opportunities for students?
  7. How much time will my child (or I) need to practice each day?
  8. How can I help my child’s progress in music?

And some questions you may want to ask yourself, or your child:

  1. What are my goals in studying music? Some examples of goals are: to learn to read music, learn to improvise, play with others, compose music, improve sight reading, to prepare for a recital or an audition, etc.
  2. Am I willing to make sure my child practices? Or, if you are the student – am I willing to practice consistently? Your teacher can help you decide on an appropriate amount of time to practice each day.
  3. Am I willing to make a commitment to study for at least six months, and preferably for two years?
  4. Can I be content with gradual progress and accept the pace at which I learn music?