Professional Development


Professional Development Friday

Dear Colleagues,

Professional Development/Playing group looks better than ever this year! Anne Young has a great year planned for us. First.....The venue has changed to Classic Pianos!  They are donating their space free of change, and great pianos are in store for us!

Dates and times: 


Friday, September 28th 10:30am-noon.

Friday, October 26th 10:30am-noon.


Friday, January 25th 10:30am-12noon. 

Friday, February 22nd 10:30am-noon.

Friday, March 29th 10:30am-noon. 


September 28th - Bach's Two part Inventions with Kaori Noland.

Teachers are asked to prepare an Invention and come ready to play.

Anne and Kaori are hoping for 15 teachers to cover all 15 Inventions.

What a great opportunity to get back in the game with shorter,  less complex  repertoire you are sure to teach. Pick one you don't know and have fun!


Please contact Anne with your choice so there are no repeats.


October 26th- Ensemble: Piano duets, Duos, instruments with accompaniment.

Find a partner and get to work!


Holiday Program for Brookdale Retirement  Center being planned.

 Stay tuned.


2019 programming in the works...Stay Tuned!


Anne is working hard for us, be sure to thank her!



I know the struggle is real, finding time to practice can be difficult.

But our love of our instruments led us to our career path.  Playing my piano grounds me and reminds me why I am a teacher. And makes me a better teacher.


Let's support this fabulous opportunity for our own musical growth!


I hope to see you there!

Coordinator: Anne Young