Ensemble Festival


Friday November 2, 2018

Entry deadline: Applications are on paper, so they must reach the Chair by noon, Friday, October 12, 2018

Location: Tigard United Methodist Church Chapel

​Ensemble Chair:  Janet Olsen 

Co-Chair: Kristen Cichoski

The Tualatin Valley District OMTA Ensemble Festival, is a competitive event, although a student may elect  non-competitive status. The event is open to students of a TVOMTA member performing on piano, string, voice, wind instruments, etc.  Ensembles are grouped according to age and level into recitals under an hour in length.  Each ensemble receives a comment sheet, certificate and ribbon for participating.  Competitive "winners" in each age group  are invited to play in the OMTA State Ensemble Festival on December 1, 2018 in Monmouth.

Learn more by viewing the TVOMTA Ensemble Festival Guidelines.  

Also see OMTA Ensemble Festival Guidelines on OregonMTA.com

(Forms updated by the chair of the event yearly.)

Volunteer Guidelines here

Print the OMTA Ensemble Festival Entry Form to enroll in the Ensemble Festival.
This form must be in the hands of the Chair by October 12, 2018

Festival of Ribbons


Saturday, November 3, 2018

Entry deadline: Saturday, October 6, 2018

Festival fees must be mailed to Chair immediately after completing registration.

Location: Tigard United Methodist Church

​Ribbons Chair:  Dianne Davies diannedavies00@gmail.com

Co-Chair: Sherry Poole Todd


The Festival of Ribbons is a non-competitive event to encourage student performance at all levels.  The same day we also hold
the Tualatin Valley District OMTA Ensemble Festival, which can be a competitive or non-competitive event.  These events are held on a weekend in early November and are open to students of piano, string, voice and wind instruments. (Other instruments may be possible.)  Students are grouped according to age and level into small recitals.  Each student will receive a comment sheet, certificate and ribbon for participating.  Each year the ribbon color will change so students can collect a rainbow of ribbons through their years of participation.  

Learn more by viewing the TVOMTA Festival of Ribbons Guidelines 

Register for the Festival of Ribbons online using Leggiero.  

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Baroque Festival


Saturday, January 26, 2019

Entry deadline: January 11, 2019

Festival fees mailed to Chair immediately after registering & postmarked no later than Jan. 15th

Entry fee to TVOMTA $25

Entry fee to OMTA State recital $20

Location: Tigard United Methodist Church

Chair: Poi Poi Tee


Founded in 1985 the OMTA Baroque Festival (formerly Jr. Bach) is open to instrumentalists through age 19 and singers through age 24. Districts from around the state send a group of "winners" to perform at the State Baroque Festival Recital. 

The TVOMTA Baroque Festival is open to students in either competitive or non-competitive status, and students receive valuable feedback from the adjudicator on their performance.

Teachers need to read all information on OregonMTA website.

Guidelines Instrumental

Guidelines Competitive

Guidelines Non-Competitive

State Recital Info

Sonatina Gallery



March 9, 2019  1:00-4:00 pm

Tualatin Presbyterian Church

9230 SW Siletz Dr. Tualatin,OR 97062

Entry deadline: February 17, 2019

Checks received by February 20, 2019

Entry Fee: $15 per student

Location: Tualatin Presbyterian Church 9230 SW Siletz Dr. 

Chair: Teresa Sealey

Assistant Chair: Janet Olson

The Sonatina Gallery is a non-competitive event where students of TVOMTA teachers may play a movement of any Sonata or Sonatina from any musical period or genre.

Students are grouped into small recitals and families and friends are invited to come and enjoy!

Please read the 2019 Guidelines here

Composition Celebration


Spring 2019

Entry deadline: February 8, 2019

Chair: Chikako Doane 

Student composers have the opportunity to create and notate a piece with their supervising TVOMTA teacher. Open to students of all levels, styles, and instrumentation, each piece is critiqued by an area composer with useful feedback to improve the piece. A few Honored Composers from every level are chosen to perform their piece (or submit a recording) at the State Composition Recital date and time TBA.

Click here to download the Application Form (Please press the download icon in the top right corner, and view the file using Microsoft Word. The document does not appear correctly if you use Google Docs)

For more information visit 


Sacred Recital & Pop Festival

Sacred Recital

Saturday, April 27, 2019

 Entry deadline: April 6, 2019

Location:  Tigard United Methodist Church

  9845 SW Walnut Place

  Tigard, OR 97223

Chair:  Laura Davis  lauradavis47@gmail.com 

This TVOMTA District event is intended to encourage and inspire students interested in music from any religion. Specifically sacred music, or any music that would be appropriate for some part of a worship service, can be performed.  It is unique in that students do NOT have to memorize their piece and is the only festival of its type in the state. The Sacred Recital will occur in odd numbered years. 

View the Sacred Music Guidelines 

TVOMTA members may register on Leggiero

Bi-annual Festivals

These two festivals are scheduled in the spring and alternate years to offer more opportunities for TVOMTA teachers and their students. The Sacred Festival occurs in odd numbered years, the POP occurs in even numbered years.

Pop Festival

    TBA 2020

Entry deadline



The Pop Festival is open to any TVOMTA member's students playing non classical and generally untraditional music from jazz, rock, praise, latin, and other idioms. Music and lead sheets may be used and more than one performer (ensemble) is welcome, however setup needs to happen in the space of very few minutes so no amplification is possible due to on/off time constraints. Registration fee is for each performance, not per student. This festival occurs in even numbered years. 

To learn more, see the guidelines here.

TVOMTA members may register on Leggiero

Register Lead Performer on Leggiero & Submit additional performers' names via email.

Questions: Email 

Syllabus - Fall & Spring

Fall - November 16-17-18- 2018 deadline is October 18

Syllabus Chair: Linda Rodgers

Leggiero Registration automatically closes at midnight, October 18 and April 19 (NO late entries are possible). Checks should be postmarked by October 19/April 22nd to the Fall/Spring Syllabus Chair.

Spring - May 17-18-19 2019 deadline is April 19, Checks due by April 22nd

OMTA Syllabus is a music curriculum which covers technique, theory, rhythm reading, sight reading, and leveled repertoire. The ten levels increase in difficulty to challenge students and help set goals. Students have the option of being evaluated on any of the levels. Master teachers are available fall and spring to critique the specifics of any level or to hear a Creative Audition. For every 4 students evaluated, we suggest the teacher schedule a conference follow-up with the adjudicator.

Types of Syllabi Evaluations

Classical Piano Syllabus Levels I-X

Classical Piano Syllabus Creative Audition

String Full Syllabus Levels 1-8

String Creative Audition

Jazz Piano - Evaluation or Audition