Tualatin Valley District Festival of Ribbons and OMTA District Ensemble Festival

The Festival of Ribbons is a non-competitive event to encourage student performance at all levels.  The same day we also hold the Tualatin Valley District OMTA Ensemble Festival, which can be a competitive or non-competitive event.  These events are held on a weekend in early November and are open to students of piano, string, voice and wind instruments. (Other instruments may be possible.)  Students are grouped according to age and level into small recitals.  Each student will receive a comment sheet, certificate and ribbon for participating.  Each year the ribbon color will change so students can collect a rainbow of ribbons through their years of participation.  Competitive winners of the District Ensemble Festival are invited to play in the OMTA State Ensemble Festival in early December.

Learn more by viewing the TVOMTA Festival of Ribbons Guidelines.

Learn more by viewing the 2013 OMTA Ensemble Festival Guidelines on the OMTA website.

Print the TVOMTA Festival of Ribbons Teacher Summary to enroll in this event.

Print the TVOMTA Festival of Ribbons Solo Entry Form to enroll in this event.

Print the 2013 OMTA Ensemble Festival Entry Form to enroll in this event.

Tualatin Valley District OMTA Syllabus (fall and spring)

OMTA Syllabus is a suggested course of study made available to each member to use as a guide in teaching.  It covers theory, technique, sight-reading and ear-training, as well as repertoire.  Syllabi have been prepared for piano, strings, voice, woodwinds and jazz.  Each spring and fall students may take part in Syllabus Audition, Demonstration, or Evaluation exams with a qualified adjudicator hearing requirements and providing comments.  Certificates are awarded to all participants. Students who have successfully completed Level  X, with at least 5 years successful evaluations in at least 3 upper divisions, or with 4 years in 4 upper division levels, are featured in a special State recital and presented with medals.

The State Syllabus Committee has made several important changes this year.  View the changes at Syllabus Changes for 2012 and 2013.

Syllabus forms are available in the OMTA website.

Tualatin Valley District OMTA Jr.Bach (Baroque) Festival

Founded in 1985, the Oregon Junior Bach Festival is open to instrumentalists through age 19 and singers through age 24.  Our district has competitive and non-competitive groups.  Each participant receives a certificate and adjudicators comment form.  Up to 35% of the competitive regional participants are invited to perform at a State Bach Festival Recital where they are awarded medals embossed with the likeness of Johann Sebastian Bach.  This project provides a valuable impetus in the study of Baroque masters.

The district entry fee is $15.00.

Jr. Bach Festival forms and guidelines are available on the OMTA website.

Tualatin Valley OMTA Regional Jr. Bach Competition

THIS HAS BEEN RESCHEDULED TO:                                                                                Saturday, February 22, 2014    1:00 – 3:30                                                                               Tigard United Methodist Church                                                                                                   The new adjudicator will be Kelli Stephens.                                                                  Chairperson: Laura Davis     503.312.1162

Tualatin Valley OMTA Sonatina Sonata Festival

Our new Sonatina Sonata Festival is a non-competitive event designed to encourage student performance at all levels.  Students perform one movement from a Sonatina, Sonata, or Sonatine by any composer.  Students are grouped according to age and level into small recitals.  Each student will receive a certificate.    The entry applications and schedule will be posted on the state website.


Leggiero website

Tualatin Valley District OMTA Composition Celebration

This is a district event held in the spring.  It is intended to stimulate and affirm student composers.  The goal is to have fun while learning to becme more creative.  Some students receive “Honorable Mention” and their compositions are published in the annual Tualatin Valley District Student Composition book. These students are also invited to play at a State Composition Recital, where they receive a medallion.

Teacher Application Packet Information

District Application Form (also used for State)                                                                   Detailed Teacher Instructions …..                                                                                    Instructions for Honored Composers Teachers Summation Form …..                            Sample Teachers Summation Form …..                                                                                      Teachers Summation Form

Tualatin Valley OMTA Sacred Music Recital

This district recital is intended to encourage and inspire students interested in music from any religion.

View the Sacred Music Recital Entry Information to enroll in this event.

Tualatin Valley District Scholarship Auditions

The purpose of this $500.00 scholarship is to encourage High School Seniors to pursue Music as a career.

Print the Scholarship Guidelines to learn about this event.

Print the Scholarship Application to apply for this event.

OMTA Participation Trophy

The trophy is an award for participation in OMTA events.  All students can be winners through willingness and motivation to participate.  Points can be earned by participating in all state OMTA events and in the Festival of Ribbons, Sacred Music Recital and Sonatina Sonata Festival.    Guidelines and Procedures, the Trophy Order form and the Student Record form are available on the OMTA website.